Voter ID legislation will protect the black vote

Ada FisherContrary to the race-baiting information being pushed by the NAACP and others, the legislation promoting voter ID cards, preferably with pictures, is not a poll tax.  These cards are consistent with the US Constitution’s 24th Amendment Section 1.which is to ensure that “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.”  In section 2 of this amendment, legislation is allowed which will enforce this provision. 

In North Carolina, great pains have been taken in the Republican- controlled government to avoid disenfranchising citizens or engaging in voter suppression. Furthermore, adding a picture to voter ID cards can help to stem the identification thefts and frauds which are continuing unabated in other arenas as well. 

Eligible to serve as voter ID alternatives are driver’s licenses, identification cards from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and other exceptions which could include military IDs. For those unable to purchase these cards, they will be provided at no cost to eligible voters. For the elderly, who may not have state-issued birth certificates, other options have been provided.  Given this, Voter ID Cards are anything but a poll tax.

Presently one has to have a photo identification card to enter the White House or federal buildings, go to any restricted movies, legally purchase a weapon, enter the ABC store for a buy or purchase cigarettes anywhere.  A legitimate voter photo ID card ensures that citizens have a basic right that non-citizens do not, i.e. the right to vote.  It also gives citizens free identification to handle many of their affairs. 

Through the maddening courtship of the Hispanic vote, it is clear that the African American vote is being taken for granted. The untold story in North Carolina’s 2012 elections is the state going Republican again–with the help of black voters. In 2008, McCrory got 4% of the black vote; in 2012, 14 percent. of their vote. Clearly, the black vote influenced this election.  Will McCrory reward the black community for this support, or follow the Obama Administration’s lead in neglecting those who helped bring him to the dance?

As the number of non-citizens in residence in the USA  continues to grow and Immigration Reform efforts get murkier, it is imperative that the citizen’s right to vote remain a paramount distinction, and voter ID cards will help. Unfortunately, immigration reform is gaining further acceptance, and it is likely to be at the expense of African Americans.  Where are the groups speaking to these issues, as should be the role of the NAACP?  When more illegal immigrants are allowed to stay in the country, who do black voters think will be pushed aside? 

Don’t buy the race-baiting arguments against voter ID cards.   Appreciate such as a means to ensure that your vote as a citizen matters.

Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a physician, licensed teacher in secondary education—mathematics and Science, former County School Board Member, gifted public speaker as well as the NC Republican National Committee Woman.  Her book, Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, Book I may be ordered through any bookstore or purchased on line through, or Kindle. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145 or through LinkedIn.

4 Responses to Voter ID legislation will protect the black vote

  1. Fred Gregory says:

    Dr. Fisher that Pat got 12% of the black vote in 2012 is good news but far short of where it should be, What is the mater with these people ?

    You are spot on about voter ID but do you think Brother Holder will leave NC alone ?

    So what do you think about the way black “leaders ” and the MSM are trying to marginalize Dr. Ben Carson ?

  2. Doug says:

    It is good to see a different perspective in the African American community. Quite refreshing in opposition to the hysteria in other corners of the NC blogosphere.

  3. Riprake says:

    True enough, though I’d say McCrory passing out cards for free to black people that prove their eligibility to vote should not be considered a “reward” so much as just basic human decency. I mean, are the 86% of blacks who *didn’t* vote for McCrory getting “rewarded” for their vote with these cards? Do we white people consider our right to vote a “reward” for how we vote? Of course not. The point isn’t to reward which way you voted in the last election, but to reaffirm your right to vote and keep other people from stealing that right from you and packing the ballot box with dead, illegal, and imaginary votes.

  4. Mark says:

    It is obvious that the flimsy arguments against voter ID, along with the video from project veritas of those soliciting voter fraud in NC that our voting system is under attack. This is our last fundamental right as citizens, and it is being poluted and corrupted at the highest levels of leadership in this country to win elections and power over us.

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